DPG Parsyfal


Data Protection is a dynamic environment with organisational requirements varying as a result of a diverse range of internal and external factors. When you look to standards and legislation, terms like "appropriate" are often used. When pressed, regulatory guidance informs us that "appropriate" means appropriate to your particular industry, data value, environment and needs. So what do you do?

At DPG, we help organisations identify where their Data Protection issues exist across all business functions, enabling the Data Protection responsibility to be cascaded across all departments and partners. By overlaying each organisation's own threat landscape, risk appetite, motivation and budget, DPG can help to identify and substantiate "appropriate" behaviour and action, empowering organisations to take control of the business imperative - to protect data.


Introducing DPG Parsyfal

DPG Parsyfal is a scenario led modeling environment, which details how organisations should initially interrogate themselves to fully understand Data Protection vulnerabilities and regulatory non-compliance, and helps to put in place a transformation plan which is sufficient to (a) protect their data and (b) provide a defensible position in regard to regulatory requirements and expectations. This analysis of all factors impacting the ''as is'' situation, and defining the '' to be '' remediation plan, is unrivaled.

Unlike current Data Protection or Information Security solutions which are narrow in their focus and require layering in order to try to achieve the overall objective, DPG's Parsyfal when used in conjunction with one of DPG's solutions can quickly help an organisation start the process of creating a robust Data Protection ecosystem.

Named after a Wagner hero who was searching for the Holy Grail, Parsyfal is the intelligence powering the DPG product set and enables your organisation to seek and receive Data Protection intelligence across all operational and technical aspects of your business.