ExpertDPO™ - Outsource Data Protection Officer


Under Section 4 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016, it is a requirement for organisations meeting specific criteria to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Article 37 outlines the designation for the appointment of a Data Protection Officer and Articles 38 and 39 outline requirements for the position of and tasks allocated to, the Data Protection Officer.

We estimate that within the EU, 75,000 Data Protection Officers are required by May 2018. So where are they coming from? Will they be effective? Are these people going be part of tick box compliance OR...

Do you want to make an appointment to make a difference?

DPG offers an Outsourced Data Protection Officer solution which is far more than just "as per required under GDPR". Utilising the DPG Pathfinder™, ExpertDPO is a project management and intelligence solution to help organisations not only comply with regulatory requirements, but to have access to leading expertise across a wide range of disciplines all of which can impact on your business.


  • Compliance with GDPR requirement for Data Protection Officer.
  • Practical assessment of data protection risks across all your organisation's business operations.
  • Identification of your organisation's most critical data protection weaknesses.
  • Assess your GDPR accountability position for identified risks.
  • Helps create an ongoing programme for improvement and to identify key audit points to assess progress.


  • Helps organisations build a thorough understanding of what their data protection position is today.
  • Empowers the Data Protection efforts within the organisation by providing expert virtual support and a clear plan of action.
  • Gain access to a broad range of Data Protection experts as opposed to being restricted by an individual's own expertise.
  • Expand expectation away from tick box compliance to an operationally effective Data Protection Officer.
  • Help reduce incidents by identifying root cause issues.
  • Identify training requirements across the business to empower employees to become better data guardians.
  • Assess holes in corporate policies and control documents to help drive better management oversight.
  • Build a sustainable approach to Data Protection by embedding it within business operations.

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