DPG Pathfinder® and Pathway Reporting


DPG's Pathfinder® is the software used to deploy content derived from the Parsyfal® knowledge base. Designed to be easy on the eye and simple to use, Pathfinder® allows the interrogation stage of the business to scale outside of single locations and to overcome challenging face to face information gathering projects by presenting to the project participants the required question sets on their own devices to be completed in an environment where they are most comfortable.

With some inbuilt project management features and dashboard to help manage completion, Pathfinder® is a critical tool set for the challenging regulatory and business environment operated in today.


DPG Pathfinder

DPG Pathway Reporting

DPG Pathway

DPG's Pathway­™ is reporting tool which integrates with the Pathfinder® software to allow the output to be examined and annotated. The DPG consultants review the client's own risk appetite, threat landscape, maturity and, most importantly, budget with the resulting report being customised to provide remediation advice suitable for each clients own needs. DPG firmly believes that corrective actions should be reflective of each organisations own circumstances and your the Pathway® Report ensures that the journey being suggested is pragmatic to each organisation;s own needs.


Pathfinder Deliverables

By undertaking the project outlined in the Pathway Report the client will benefit in a whole range of ways.

  • Reduce chance of a data breach. The DPG Pathfinder is an analysis model that cascades through the organisation, capturing information, which is often lost in vertical hierarchies, enabling clear definition of where there are critical, elevated and standard issues that need to be addressed. We have a scientific grading system that prioritises the action points.
  • Save money. The Pathway Report is empowering and dispenses with the need for expensive consultancy to identify issues. The customer can launch an internal data strategy without fear of increasing the risk, or chance of a data breach or leak that is often associated with contracted in expertise from numerous suppliers.
  • Measure operational compliance to EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016. Assess current business operations against the newly released EU GDPR 2016 and identify short comings and corrective actions required.
  • Helps create a defensible position in the eyes of the law. (Decrease potential fines) Should the worst case happen and business suffers a data breach, when the incident is explored they will be found wanting in the eyes of regulators should they not be able to evidence a corporate motivation and commitment to data protection. By using the Pathfinder and acting on the results, businesses will be able to evidence actions in an empirical way.
  • Adapt faster to new regulations. Break down legislation and regulations into control requirements that can be handled sensibly. The Pathfinder method updates as and when new requirements or new risks are identified, with a clear binary approach to assessing the new vulnerability.
  • Help a Data Protection Officer/Information Assurance professional to perform their role (Potentially reduce head count in the compliance team). Those professionals designated as being responsible for data protection can often be blind-sided by the sheer size of the task or be limited by their own expertise and experience. The Pathfinder can help these employees to become more effective as it identifies operational risk, areas of poor performance, key audit points and areas where further investigation are needed.
  • Decrease complexity. Integrate all regulatory demands into a single approach and internal control system. Create solutions for identified problems and weaknesses in the internal control system.
  • Simplify audits. Schedule audit related tasks and get efficient support for your time management and reporting. The platform includes audit points and a seamless audit trail. Reduce audit fees and re-use process documentation.
  • Can be used for resource and budget planning and recruitment. Where to spend much coveted budget is a perennial problem. The interrogation of the business via the Pathfinder software will allow a clear picture of the business operations to be created. This will enable the stakeholders to see where budget is much needed and where further investment is required. By allocating budget in this way they will also be able to see the impact of that spend in terms of improvement within each process.
  • Evidence under the new regulatory regime a commitment to privacy by design. Taking a privacy by design approach is an essential tool in minimising privacy risks and building trust. Designing projects, processes, products or systems with privacy in mind at the outset can lead to many benefits, including legal compliance and the correct posture in the eyes of the regulators.
  • Foundation for the integrity of a BIG DATA strategy. The properties of data are confidentiality, integrity and availability. By evidencing control over the source of data, the permissible use and the protection of that data, organisations can confidently capture, manipulate and use to advantage data.
DPG Pathway