Data Protection in Numbers

Every single security vendor sells on fear! Fear of fines, fear of business interruption and fear of brand erosion. Whilst we believe that this traditional sales approach is flawed, it is important to identify the impact that data protection can have. The financial impact is clear to see but there is a hidden cost as well which is the operational cost of investigation, mediation and correction of issues which have arisen. When discussing data protection within your business these numbers can help you build your business case.


Cost and causes of data breaches

% of global turnover
Maximum fine in new EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016. (Source: EU Data Protection Regulation 2016)
trillion loss per year
World Bank estimated Intellectual Property loss suffered in 2013. (Source: The IP Commission Report 2013)
.7 million annually
Cost of Phishing on average to a large (10,000+ employees) company. (Source: Ponemon Institute. Study 2014)
More than
Lost records in 2014. (Source: Breach Level Index)
per record
The average cost to a business for each lost record during 2015. (Source: Ponemon Institute Study 2015)
Over $
Cost of data breach to a large organisation (500+ employees). (Source: HMG and PWC Information Security Breaches Survey 2014)
% of data breaches
Percentage of all data breaches caused by operational failures. (Source: Central European University Study October 2014)
% of all data breaches
Percentage of all data breaches caused from asset disposal. (Source: Osterman 2013)

Who suffers data breaches?

of large organisations

have suffered staff-related security breaches.
(Source: UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills: 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey conducted by PWC)

of organisations

have suffered a data breach.
(Source: Symantec Study 2013)

growth rate

The growth rate for security incidents year on year since 2009 is 68%.
(Source: PWC Global State of Information Security Survey 2015)