DPG are innovators in the data protection field by viewing data protection as a layered process within an organisation as opposed to a single departmental responsibility. The DPG approach identifies inter-operable and interdependent activities which individually can undermine the data protection processes and countermeasures in place at an organisation.
Our approach helps organisations fully understand and control each of these activities to ensure that together they build a robust and repeatable approach to data protection.

Whilst the General Data Protection Regulation is the current market noise, the underlying demands from DPG clients are for a genuine data protection ecosystems to be created within their organisation. These promote the use of data as a strategic asset BUT only doing so by complying with regulatory requirements and ensuring the data is protected from a diverse range of threats.





About Nick...

Nick has 18 years’ international experience within the investment banking, hedge funds and private equity sector as a risk manager. Nick began his career in Asia focusing on equity derivatives and on returning to London, founded a hedge fund specialising in asset backed lending with a FTSE-100 bank. Nick has advised two funds on multi asset SPC structures, where functions included senior regulatory oversight (UK-FSA, Cayman-CMA, and Jersey – JFSC); extensive marketing; legal; tax and trading / implementation strategies.

Formerly with RHB, Bank of America, Barclays Capital, Phillip Capital Management. Nick has also been on the Board of a private equity fund as head of risk and advised a UAE Investment authority. Nick brings a wealth of experience in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space because of working in the heavily regulated world of financial services. Nick worked in data protection from 2011 and advised corporates at the FTSE-100 level on data protection in regard to regulatory compliance.


About Steve...

Steve is an internationally recognised expert on risk management and compliance in the specialist field of data processors and data processing.

In 2010, Steve founded ADISA to address data security issues within asset retirement. Author of the ADISA IT Asset Disposal Standard Steve is helping drive improvement in this service sector not only in the UK but also in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The ADISA industry Standard has been recognised by DIPCOG which is a CESG and UK MoD Committee as being an industry standard of merit and is listed on the National Cyber Security Centre's own guidance for this sector.

In 2012 Steve worked with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and wrote much of the ICO guidance notes which were released to help businesses comply with data protection legislation in this area. Steve is also the author of the National Computer Centre (NCC)’s guidance notes on how to manage risk when disposing of assets.

Steve is also a lecturer on risk management within asset disposal and co-author of the ADISA Certified Professional training course which won a 2015 "Best Training Provider" award at Computer Security Magazine. Steve has spoken at many national and international conferences and continues to drive awareness and good practice for both data processors and controllers.


About Ed...

Ed is the current European Chief Information Security Officer of the Year, UK Security Professional of the Year, and Security Leader of the Year and has been recognised for his massive contribution and sharing of best practice with the wider security world.

Ed is the former Head of Cyber Security for the UK Tax Authority HMRC, where he led the Cyber Security and Response Capability for eight years. Ed designed and built the Cyber Security capability for HMRC, developing two intelligence driven Cyber Security Command Centres; the first in-house developed capabilities in UK Government. Ed implemented security controls across all HMRC's email domains and reduced phishing emails purporting to be the UK Tax Authority by 500 million in 2016 through spearheading the use of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance).

Ed also instigated the take down of 14,000 fraudulent websites harvesting data and has had a broad spectrum of responsibilities in his fifteen-year career including Online Fraud, Hacking Analysis & Capability Scoring and Forensic Investigations. A regular speaker at events such as InfoSec Europe, European Information Security Summit, European CISO Conference, InfoCrime Summit, and now eCrime, Ed is a highly regarded industry expert on all aspects of data protection.


About Adrian...

With over 30 years’ experience in Information Security, Adrian was formally Head of Information Security Policy and Departmental IT Security Officer at the UK Ministry of Defence. During his long career in government he has been involved in software development and testing, product and system evaluation, security inspections and audits, security policy development for the MOD, UK Government and NATO as well as lecturing on security and Information Assurance at the National School of Government and the Defence Intelligence and Security School.

In recent years he has been active with the British Standards Institute in the development of British and International standards, in particular the ISO 27000 family. He is a regular speaker at a number of security conferences in the UK and on the international stage.

In his spare time his primary interests are classical music, reading and photography.


About Andrew...

Professor Andrew Blyth is currently Director of the Information Security Research Group at the University of South Wales. He has functioned as a expert witness in the area of computer forensic and data recovery for a wide variety of law enforcement agencies such as the Home Office, SOCA and the Met Police.

Professor Blyth has also published a number of journal papers on the areas of computer forensic and data recovery and is one of the leading global authorities on data sanitisation and forensic techniques on solid state media.

In addition Professor Blyth is on the ISO advisory board for standards relating to Computer Forensics as well as a member of the National IA forum.


About Paul...

Paul is a highly successful and proven sales professional with over 20 years experience in delivering high value, outcome based, customer focused solutions across multiple sectors including Telecommunications, Media, Financial Services & Manufacturing.

Paul started his career with ICL/Fujitsu as a graduate trainee and completed their Sales Professional training academy whilst still on the graduate programme. A unique achievement at that time. He subsequently went on to take responsibility for some of ICL’s largest commercial clients including Rentokil Initial and Mitsubishi Motors, which included the implementation of Mitsubishi Motors first internet/intranet environment for both head office and dealership functions across the UK.

Following his success at ICL/Fujitsu Paul was subsequently asked to join Morse, a fast growing technology integration and consulting services organisation, to run the team responsible for the mobile operator EE (formerly Orange). Working across multiple consulting disciplines, a broad range of technologies and a complex partner network Paul enabled the team to develop EE into Morse’s largest client across multiple years delivering revenues in excess of £20M annually.

Whilst at Morse Paul was instrumental in the delivery of data management and security solutions for EE based on the Symantec product suite and in 2011 took the decision to enhance his software experience and moved to Symantec. Paul’s remit included the management of Thomson Reuters, Symantec’s largest Media client and new business development for WPP, Aegis Media and Pearson where he delivered innovative new projects for Backup & DR, Email archiving and Managed Security Services totalling more than £8M.

In 2014 Paul moved to BMC to help build a new “goto market model” around BMC’s Performance & Availability software suite working with the likes of Unilever, Lloyds Banking Group, News Corp, Bank of America and Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank to enhance their operational management, customer experience management and uptime capabilities.

Paul’s wealth of experience in building trusted, sustainable, value based client relationships combined with an ethos for delivering exceptional customer service provide the ideal foundation for DPG’s sales team.